Interivew on talkRADIO wth  John Nicolson

BBC NEWS Interview with Reeta Chakrabarti discussing Oxfam
Abuse Report.

30th May 2019

Emily Burt talks to young people about supporting charities and discusses sexism and racism in the development sector with Shaista Aziz and Alexia Pepper de Caires, co-founders of NGO Safe Space…

24th May 2019

The campaigner Alexia Pepper de Caires, joint founder of the NGO Safe Space, tells Third Sector’s Fundraising Conference these men are often ‘failed upwards’ to get them out of the way…


19th December 2018…/an-open-letter-to-amnesty-international-from-ngo-safe-…

An Open Letter to Amnesty International from NGO Safe Space. Alexia Pepper de Caires and Shaista Aziz of NGO Safe Space respond to Amnesty International Netherlands’ recent refugee campaign with an…


12th October 2018

Shaista Aziz discussed the global #metoo movement one year in, with Kate Maltby and Emma Bullimore, on BBC Radio 4’s renowned Woman’s Hour this morning. Listen back here (21 mins 20 seconds into the programme).


NGO Safe Space


TimeIsUp. Sexual Harassment in the international charity sector. So very proud to see this evidence published today – a submission that a small group of women

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