About us

NGO Safe Space

Alexia Pepper de Caires, Shaista Aziz and a small group of women founded NGO Safe Space in 2018 as a platform for intersectional feminists in response to #AidToo to gather testimonies on sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse in the humanitarian aid and international development sector.

Our aim is:

As an intersectional feminist platform, our aim is to hold power to account and to disrupt the racialised power and patriarchal structures inside western aid organisations. In doing so we fully acknowledge our own privileges and are working to open up space for women and voices from the global south and specifically black women, women of colour and trans women.

We seek to work in collaboration with our allies.

Helen Evans, the brave and principled former head of global safeguarding at Oxfam was awarded the UK Whistleblower Award 2018. Helen kindly shared her award with NGO Safe Space.

What we do:

Through public and closed advocacy, campaigning, public speaking and media work – we hold the NGO sector to account over racist and patriarchal abuses of power.

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Intersectional feminist platform in response to #aidtoo