NGO Safe Space call to action

Ahead of DfID’s Safeguarding Summit in London NGO Safe Space calls for all organisations in the system – governments, charities, UK Charity Commission, donors, private sector contractors and influencers – to reform in six keys areas:

  1. Commit to specific actions to address sexism, racism and other unequal power relations within the development and humanitarian sector as a prerequisite to ending all forms of exploitation and abuse
  2. Increase victims’ confidence to speak up by demonstrating that reports of abuse are being taken seriously and perpetrators are being brought to justice.
  3. Provide mandatory psycho-social and legal support to every person who experiences exploitation and abuse at work.
  4. Take proactive measures to promote greater diversity in senior leadership roles, including on Board of trustees, and within systems for investigating allegations of abuse.
  5. Ensure that all staff undertake regular diversity training and that all training for staff is gender-sensitive. Strengthen approaches to safeguard against abuses of power towards women and minority groups deployed overseas.
  6. Support and resource the establishment of a fully independent body to investigate cases of abuse and exploitation and to oversee implementation of a Code of Conduct against all forms of sexual harassment, abuse and bullying in the sector.

Read our short report

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