NGO Safe Space – a platform for intersectional feminists in response to #AidToo

Shaista Aziz, Alexia Pepper de Caires and a small group of women founded NGO Safe Space in March 2018 to gather testimonies on sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse in the humanitarian aid and international development sector. We have all worked in the sector and experienced for ourselves the potential for abuse of power within organisations and systems.

We submitted evidence to UK Parliamentary inquiries led by the Women and Equalities Committee and the International Development Committee (linked below).

Our platform is a response to the systematic silencing of women, which lies at the heart of media revelations of international NGOs’ employment of men who sexualise and exploit others. We aim to drive accountability on harmful male behaviours, challenge patriarchal and racist structures and transform working cultures.

As intersectional feminists, we acknowledge our own power and privilege as we do this. We are always ready to hear how we can work harder to include under-represented voices and build our understanding of oppression.

Our evidence can be read here:

We are building this online space to facilitate wider contributions to the work ahead.

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